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WWE Royal Rumble 2011

Well, I changed the layout, so I guess I can start with my rants.

Rant number one will be: WWE Royal Rumble 2011.

I watched the Rumble the other day and it was fun (I guess). It would be more fun if a spammer in "The Wrestling Game" forum didn't spoil it by writing who the winner of the Rumble match was in a spam topic, but *shrugs*.

Anyway, first two matches were "near fall city" matches (I hate those). I think it's a bit overdoing it. Both Edge and The Miz retained their belts by cheating. Match 3 was supposed to be a handicap match between Natalya against Michelle McCool and Layla, but they added Eve to the mix and made it a Fatal 4 Way match. Eve won the match and became WWE Divas Champion. Alberto Del Rio won the 40 men Royal Rumble match, which was a surprise to me, but more about that later (if I don't forget).

Screwup of the night: Natalya puts Layla and Eve in that double Sharpshooter she did at TLC (she may have done it more times, but I don't watch weekly events). One commentator says: "I love it when she does that move!" and moments later the other one (I think it was Cole) says: "Did she ever do that move before?". Yes, she did it before. She put Layla and Michelle in it in TLC and you were there, dumbass.

Move of the night: John Morrison ended up on the wrong side of the ropes during the Rumble match and when William Regal pushed him off the apron to eliminate him, he jumped on the guard rail (to be eliminated, you have to be thrown over the top rope and both of your feet have to touch the ground). Since his feet never touched the ground, he wasn't eliminated. He climbed up the rail and walked towards the ring steps, jumped on them and entered the ring again. Well done!

Honorable mention: Hornswoggle. It was fun to watch that little guy impersonate everyone.

All in all, Rumble was fun to watch. I don't like the fact that Alberto Del Rio won the Rumble match, though. I understand WWE has to push new people since all of their top stars are too old and half crippled, but there are other people that could get the push. Pushing a guy who has been there for 3 months (might be more, but I don't care) is not the way to go, in my opinion.

My wife killed my train of thought and I forgot what else I wanted to write. I'll just finish up with a possible contender that would never lose the Royal Rumble match: Zach Gowen.

The rules of the Royal Rumble match say that the only way to eliminate a wrestler is to toss him over the top rope and have his both feet touch the ground. For those of you that don't know; Zach Gowen has only one leg, so technically, he can't be eliminated from the match because both of his feet wouldn't touch the ground.

Yes, I'm a jerk.

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