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Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling (part 2)

 Written for The Wrestling Game

  Hello people of TWG™ and whoever stumbled upon this article! I am Ninoslav Maricic and I will be your host for the second episode of "Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling". In this article, I will share with you my views and thoughts about some of the current WWE talent (or lack of one). Basically, I will be talking about some title holders, people who get pushed, people that should be pushed (out the window), good an bad gimmicks, promos etc. So, lets begin!

Team Hell No

  What to say about Kane and Daniel Bryan? They are both great singles competitors and they work well as a team. They are great in the ring and they have great and entertaining promos. The name of the team is the worst I have seen in a long time, but other teams can't say they have better names either. WWE creative should work on that a bit. Also, they should get more permanent teams with their more famous competitors. Something like Team Rhodes Scholars. They need to bring the tag division back into the spotlight.

Brock Lesnar

  "The perfect storm" (yeah, right). This guy is a beast and it's perfectly understandable that he gets invited to compete in WWE. What bothers me is that he gets invited only when WWE wants a rankings boost (like in Wrestlemania). In my opinion, this guy is just steeling spotlight from people who are wrestling every week and deserve to appear in PPVs. He can barely cut a promo and his first match after his return (against John Cena) had enough potatoes in it to feed a third world country. WWE should concentrate on their current talent more. Having Lesnar show up for one match just to quit after he wins or loses will get old really fast. They have people in the roster that can be considered beasts. They should give them a storyline they keep giving to Brock Lesnar instead of turning them into dancing idiots.

The Shield

  I like these guys even though they are just another attempt at the good old "invasion" storyline. They have great in ring skills and they work well as a team. Maybe they could hold tag team belts in the future. It would be good for the tag team division. What bothers me about them is their promos. The camera is all over the place in their prerecorded promos and they keep repeating their names over and over again just like Wade Barrett did when he came to WWE (I am Wade Barrett! Remember my name, Wade Barrett! I will be the next world champion! Me, Wade Barrett!). It seems they were taking advice about cutting promos from the same guy. Unfortunately, that makes their promos look like they were recorded and edited by a drunk they found in the geriatrics ward (Uh, lets see... first they introduce them selves... Uh, then they can introduce themselves... Uh, then they introduce themselves and... Uh... To finish they can introduce themselves).

  I've mentioned before that WWE is turning beasts into dancing idiots. This guy is no beast, but he is an idiot. Some of you may know him as Johny Curtis and from his appearances on "Santino's Foreign Exchange" series on Youtube. What he is doing now is, he comes out and asks his opponent to pronounce his name correctly. Since his opponent can't do it, Fandango just turns around and walks away. The good thing about it is: I don't have to listen to that guy any more. The bad thing is: he doesn't get a beating he so desperately deserves. Honestly, the sound of that guy's voice makes me wanna jam my foot down his throat.

The Great Khali

  Here is another dancing idiot. The sad part is: this guy can barely walk. Sure, he is huge and he was brought to WWE to get WWE more popularity in India, but all this guy is able to do is twirl around in the middle of the ring because it seems that only one of his legs bends at the knee. If I was in charge of WWE, I would kick this guy and spend the money on someone else. I am sure that there are other big guys from India out there who can wrestle. Or maybe they could hire someone like Jinder Mahal. Maybe even not put him in a joke stable like 3MB. I wonder what Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal did to deserve such punishment.


  Prince Albert left WWE, went to Japan, had a good career and then came back as Lord Tensai. Big guy, can move around the ring, great wrestling skills. What does WWE do? The team him up with Brodus Clay. Now, Brodus is also this big tough guy who likes to get funky before and after the match. It looks good and he is pulling it off nicely. Tensai, on the other hand, can't pull it off. He looks stupid. If you wanna make someone look stupid, try Brock Lesnar. Have him dance around like an idiot. What's that? He doesn't wanna do it? I wonder why?

John Cena

  Yeah, I'm sure you saw this one coming. John Cena, the hardest working man in the business. Kids love him, most of the others can't sand him. Why? I talked about how things used to work in wrestling in my previous article. You give people the good guy and the bad guy. They cheer the good guy, they boo the bad guy. Cena is the living proof that that formula no longer works and no matter what WWE does "Cena sucks" chants are just as loud as "Lets go Cena" chants. Why? Well, WWE has ben pushing Cena so much in the past few years that a lot of people are sick of him. Super Cena can't lose a match. Even if he does, there is always controversy involved. Why not push someone people already like instead of trying to force people to like someone? The only way I can see people liking Cena is if he goes away for a few years and then they bring him back as one of the greatest of all time (kind of like what they did with Dwayne "Rocky 'The Rock' Maivia" Johnson). They could even recycle that "Once Twice in a Lifetime" storyline.

Santino Marella

  Here is one guy I usually get a lot of heat for. Why? Because I believe he should have been pushed more. Santino is a guy who had been making a fool out of himself (in a fun and entertaining way) ever since he came to WWE. In my opinion, they should have made him a world champion last year at "Elimination Chamber" PPV. The setup was perfect. He won a Battle Royal match to qualify at the last moment (the fans loved it, by the way) and he and Daniel Bryan were last two competitors in the Chamber. Santino hit the Cobra on Daniel Bryan and the crowd went nuts (in a good way). Unfortunately, he only got a two count and Daniel Bryan won the match. I think the fans wanted Santino to win and I believe it would be better if he did. Now, here are the usual responses I get from people when I say this:

#1: Santino is a joke!
My response: So is John Cena!

#2: Santino has like 5 moves!
My response: So does John Cena!

#3: You can't have Santino headline "Wrestlemania"!
My response: Why not? World title match at that "Wrestlemainia" was the opening match and it was 18 seconds long. Daniel Bryan kissed AJ and then turned around to kiss the sole of his opponent's boot. There is nothing Santino could have done to make that match worse.

Sin Cara

  I'm gonna finish up with Sin "Botch - Daddy" Cara. Here is a guy who got a lot of hype when he was coming to WWE, just to botch everything he could. He kept botching his entrance, half of the moves he executed and he was even able to botch a tag. That's right! He tagged Ray Mysterio while they were both standing on the ring apron (technically, outside of the ring). Meanwhile, he never learned English, so promos are out of the question too (they could give him a translator, but they don't seem to care). Why do they still keep him in the roster? All he is able to do is hurt himself or his opponents. Fire him before you waste more money on him.

  And that's all I have for this time. I could mention more WWE talent, but this article is already long enouh as it is. I'll leave them for another time. Next week I will talk about current TNA talent in part three of "State of Professional Wrestling". This is your host, Ninoslav Maricic, and you were reading part two of "Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling".

Big "Thank you" to The Bouncer for advice about editing articles!

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