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Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling (part 3)

Written for The Wrestling Game

  Hello people of TWG™ and whoever stumbled upon this article! I am Ninoslav Maricic and I will be your host for the third (and most likely final) episode of "Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling". In this article, I will share with you my views and thoughts about some of the current TNA talent and after that I will most likely be talking about something else (still wrestling related).

Aces & Eights

  I'm going to start with the "new age" NWO. Aces & Eights is another attempt at the good old invasion story that WWE and TNA are doing at least once a year with no major success. There is a saying that only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expects different results (or something like that), so my advice to both organizations would be: Give it up already!

  Anyway, Aces & Eights came to TNA one day and started causing trouble. They were wearing masks (I guess that is something different) and soon they were losing masks and their identities were revealed. It turns out that some of them were WWE rejects (as usual) and some of them were current TNA talent (what a surprise).

  They now have World title and TV title in their possession (they will most likely be getting more titles over time), they will probably be split in two fractions soon (Aces & Eights and Deuces & Nines?) and I wouldn't be surprised if Hulk Hogan joins them and is revealed as their true leader (so far their "true" leader was Devon and now is Bully Ray). Then they will have Sting beat some sense into Hogan and he will be back to his old (very old now) self. Or not. Nobody really cares.

Garret Bischoff

  This guy is in Aces & Eights, but I think he deserves to be mentioned because of the great amount of sucking this guy is capable of. Unlike WWE, TNA was able to gather a whole bunch of good talent and there isn't a lot of people there that anyone can say that they suck. Unfortunately, Garret Bischoff makes up for all of them. Usually people go trough a wrestling school before they join a wrestling organization, but it seems Garret Bischoff was able to do the opposite. If he did go to a wrestling school before he joined TNA, then he should just hang himself for sucking that bad. I mean, Sin Cara botches everything he tries to execute in the ring, but at least he can execute something. Garret Bischoff has nothing to botch because he can't do anything. TNA should either make him a referee again or just fire him.

Joey Ryan

  This guy has some skills, but he is just lame. Maybe he wouldn't be so lame if they were actually doing something with him, but he seems to be there just to job for people, rub baby oil on himself and get laughed at for wearing a thong (even though a lot of wrestlers wear a thong - Hulk Hogan included).

Joseph Park

  He came to TNA a while ago looking for his brother Chris (you know, Abyss). Since then he had some matches and apparently some training. In reality, this guy is Abyss (but everybody knows that) and this is TNA's attempt to do... something. Nobody knows what and it seems this story is going nowhere. It might go better if Joseph Park wasn't overacting and just looking stupid while doing it. Tone it down a little or bring Abyss back. He was more fun then Joseph Park.

Matt Morgan

  Here is a big guy that deserves to be in the title picture. Instead they had him babysitting Joey Ryan. He was in the title picture while Mr. Anderson had a concussion (if I remember correctly), but they soon had him back to doing nothing. No wonder he is thinking about going to WWE. The only thing that might be stopping him is the fact that he will probably be doing nothing there as well. Either that or WWE being dumber than I thought and not wanting to sign him.


  Like I said before, TNA doesn't have a lot of wrestlers that you can say they suck. They have filled up their roster with a lot of good talent and it's understandable that some of the people who deserve a push can't get one. Personally, I prefer TNA over WWE and I like TNA matches more. I always found most of WWE matches to be boring and I don't really understand why is WWE more popular then TNA (even though they are trying to be a copy of WWE). I guess people look at the ratings, see WWE on top and assume it's a better product (it wouldn't be the first time that happened). After watching TNA they see it's nothing special (too similar to WWE) and decide to stick with WWE.

  Unfortunately, if this keeps up, wrestling will be stuck at being a sucking half-product it is today. WWE won't try to change much since they are on top (even though their ratings are on a decline) and TNA will keep being a bad copy of WWE. Instead, they should at least try and do something different and new. Work on better storylines (forget "Dancing With Stars" and "Hogan Knows Best"), push people the fans already like (not push people you think the fans should like) and don't give wrestlers super powers (like John Cena never losing a match cleanly while WWE motto is "Anyone can beat anyone"). Stop selling people half a product and wonder why your ratings never go up!

  Well, this was Ninoslav Maricic and you were reading part 3 of "Talking to Myself: State of Professional Wrestling". I will be back next week (hopefully not cutting it close like this week) with more thoughts about this great sport some of us have learned to love and hate at the same time. Until then, I bid you adieu!

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