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Talking to Myself: Same Old Same Old

    Hello people of TWG™ and whoever stumbled upon this article! I am Ninoslav Maricic and I will be your host for another episode of "Talking to Myself".

    To be honest with you, I have no idea what to write about any more. I wrote about the past, I wrote about the future, I wrote about the present and with wrestling seemingly stuck in a rut, I have nothing to write about any more. WWE and TNA seem to be hellbent on doing nothing to make a better product even though wrestling fans keep "awarding" them with lower and lower ratings. I wish I could recycle articles like they are recycling storylines. I'm sure that would be just as fun to read as watching WWE and TNA interrupt commercials with bad matches and worse promos.

   I watched WWE's Raw and Smackdown and TNA's Impact this week in hope I would get some inspiration for an article and the only thing I was inspired to do is quit watching wrestling. Sure, there are other promotions I could watch, but I have no intention of watching a promotion that brags about their top talent leaving to join WWE or TNA. That somehow tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

   I take pride in being a wrestling fan. It takes some courage to admit that you are a fan of something that is fake/scripted, especially since I live in a country that doesn't have many wrestling fans and people tend to laugh at me when I say I watch pro wrestling. What I am even more proud of is my ability to make them look stupid after I explain to them that watching wrestling is not so different then watching a movie. For every "Wrestling is fake. They don't really fight.", I respond with "So are the movies. They don't really fight in them either.". For every "There is no blood in wrestling.", I respond with "There is no blood in movies either. That crap they use in movies is mostly ketchup (believe it or not).".

  Then I go on and explain to them that to me wrestling is not just watching two guys jumping around the ring while touching each other. There have storylines, they insult each other, pull pranks on each other and watching them execute some of more complicated moves is only half of the fun. Watching them fail to execute them is the other half. And after explaining to them how some of the more "dangerous" maneuvers (tables, chairs, juicing, etc) actually work, they realize that I am not just some idiot that thinks that wrestling is real, but that I am an idiot that actually knows how wrestling "works". There were some that even started watching wrestling occasionally after talking to me.

    It was easy to get people interested in wrestling during the "Attitude Era". My brother had a friend that called me a month after having one of those conversations with me about wrestling to ask me if I saw what Goldberg did to Henning on WCW Monday Nitro (it was a three move victory for Goldberg) that week. I laughed. These days I'm sometimes having problems getting myself to watch wrestling. Watching moments like Daniel Brian taking on The Shield all by himself help a little because they give me hope in the future of professional wrestling, but those moments seem to be rare recently. Let's hope WWE and TNA wake up soon. They both have talent for great TV moments, they just need to push them a bit more.

   Well, this is all I have for you this week. I apologize for a short article and for not having "Comments From Readers" this week, but I am writing this very late, I am very tired and my wife is getting restless. I am Ninoslav Maricic and you were reading "Talking to Myself: Same Old Same Old". Thank you all for reading and commenting and I will be back next week with another article. Until then, I bid you adieu!

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