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Talking to Myself: The future of WWE

Written for The Wrestling Game

    Hello people of TWG™ and whoever stumbled upon this article! I am Ninoslav Maricic and I will be your host for another episode of "Talking to Myself". In this article I will be talking about current WWE wrestlers that in my opinion deserve a push and deserve to be the future top stars of this business. Please note that some people will not be mentioned in this article (people like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, etc) simply because those guys already got or are getting a push in WWE. This article is about people who seem to get skipped or forgotten when it's time to give a shot at the top two titles in WWE. Some of the info was taken from Wikipedia.

Antonio Cesaro

    Swiss wrestler, born as Claudio Castagnoli on December 27th, 1980 . He started wrestling in 2000 and was a part of ROH, Chikara, Pro Wrestling Noah and other independent wrestling organizations before coming to WWE in September of 2011. At this point WWE doesn't know what to do with him and that's a shame. He is good in the ring, he is good at the mic, he held title before (both singles and tag team) and he has great potential. Unfortunately, WWE has a creative team that seems to lack creativity. I hope they come up with something soon and he doesn't end up as just another jobber.

Brodus Clay

   Born on February 21st, 1980 as George Murdoch, Brodus Clay signed a contract with WWE in 2006. He was released in 2008 and resigned in 2010 and he got his RAW debut in March of 2010 as Alberto Del Rio's bodyguard. He was also in the 4th season of NXT and he ended up in the second place, losing to Johnny Curtis (Fandango). Brodus is the only "dancer" in the WWE roster that makes dancing look like a good part of his gimmick even though he is one of the big guys in WWE. His size doesn't stop him from moving around the ring and the fans love him. I see no reason why he shouldn't become a big star in this industry.

Cody Rhodes

   Cody Garrett Runnels, born June 30th, 1985, son of Dusty Rhodes and half-brother of Goldust. A man that has wrestling in his veins. He was a referee in his father's promotion during high school and started wrestling in 2006 and made his WWE television debut in 2007. It didn't take him long before he started winning titles and at the age of (almost) 28 he still has a lot of time to become the top guy in WWE and in wrestling in general. He has the skills, he has the background, he has time... Let's hope that WWE doesn't mess up.

Damien Sandow

    Born as Aaron Steven Haddad on August 3rd, 1981, formerly known in WWE as Idol Stevens, majored in psychology and urban studies at Worcester State University. Debuted on June 23rd, 2001 in Chaotic Wrestling and signed his first contract with WWE in 2002. He made his Smackdown debut in 2006 and was soon sent back to OVW. After going back to the independent circle, he signed a new contract with WWE in 2010 and came back to Smackdown in 2012 as Damien Sandow. This guy is one of my favorite wrestlers that are currently signed to WWE. I love his attitude, his gimmick and his in ring abilities. If this guy doesn't become a legend in this business, then WWE really deserves to get shut down and be forgotten.

Wade Barrett

    Stuart Alexander Bennett was born on August 10th, 1980 and made his wrestling debut in 2004. He had tryouts with WWE in 2006 and 2007 when he finally signed a contract with them. Barret was the winner of the first season of NXT and he made his Raw debut in 2010 as the leader of Nexus. This former bare-knuckle boxing champion is the current WWE Intercontinental champion. The fact that he is holding one of their titles doesn't seem to stop WWE from using him as a jobber. Not even to people like Sin "Botch-Daddy" Cara. I really hope WWE decides to manage his career a bit better because this guy has great potential.

Comments From Readers

   That is the end of the "official" article and I will use this opportunity to start a segment entitled "Comments From Readers" where I will be responding to some of the comments made by people who read my articles at WrestlingGame.com and take the time to comment on them.

   Julie Bow wrote: "some interesting thoughts you have here and I completely agree with it all even though I don't have to ;)
So now that you told us everything that is wrong, come with your own solution, what stories could they run, what steps needs to be taken to bring their game up (beyond bring the tag team titles back), what can they do with guys like Khali since dancing seems not to be a part of it."

   I'm gonna start with the guys like The Great Khali. As I mentioned before in one of my earlier articles, guys like The Great Khali shouldn't be in this business at all. Sure, the guy is huge, and looks like a monster, but he can barely walk. Not only that, he can barely talk. I do understand that a person can't grow to that size without deformations and health problems and that my comments about him may be considered as derogatory (which is not my intention), but this guy is at least 30 years too late to be a wrestler. He could have been a huge star in 70's and 80's, but people today ask for speed, agility and high risk moves from wrestlers. Khali is not the guy who can offer that. When he was feuding with Batista for the World title and he wasn't a dancing clown, but a monster that was destroying everything in his path... That could have worked even with his current health issues. With his current gimmick, I don't see much use for him in wrestling. So, what can they do with the guys like Khali? Not much, really.

   As for the stories and steps that they need to make to bring their game up, I have a few suggestions. Storylines should be fun and entertaining. Instead of hiring a writer who wrote soap operas, maybe they should hire some comedians. Mix up some serious storylines with a little more comedy. Another thing they should do is make the matches more interesting. Speed them up a little and add more high-flying action. Maybe they could bring back the Hardcore division or at least have a Hardcore PPV ( Extreme Rules could be the one). I know that would make wrestling more dangerous, but they didn't care much about that during the "Attitude Era", did they? When the competition was strong and WWE had to fight for ratings and Linda McMahon wasn't in politics they weren't so "concerned" about the "safety" of their employees.

   Well, this is all I have for you this week. I am Ninoslav Maricic and you were reading "Talking to Myself: The future of WWE". I will be back next week with another article and until then, I bid you adieu!

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